What we do

Analysis of Basic requirements of clients and Architects for various Utilities defined under

Scope of Services
Preliminary Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
Project Management

Engineering Consultancy Services are provided in the following areas

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Systems
Electrical Installation
Captive Generation
Water Supply and Plumbing
Storm Water Disposal & Rainwater Harvesting
Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems
STP and Water Treatment Plant
Low Voltage Systems – Steam, Hot Water Systems, CCTV & Security
Building Management Systems

We also provide Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing infrastructure support to specialist consultants for the following:

Kitchen Planning
Laundry Planning
External, façade and interior lighting
Landscaping and water bodies
Audio, Video systems for conferencing etc.
IT & Data Planners

Responsibilities & duties of the consultant

Analysis of the basic requirements of clients and Architects for various utilities defined under ‘Scope of Consultancy’.
Establishment of design criteria in consultation with the owners and architects and in keeping with the standards obtained in India and abroad or the specific Hotel operator.
Preparation of ‘Preliminary Concept’ consisting of:
Design Criteria
Preliminary Designs
Space requirements and anticipated floor loadings for various plant and equipment.
Power and water requirements
Preliminary cost estimate

Two copies of the ‘Preliminary Concept’ will be submitted.

On approval of the ‘Preliminary Concept’ the final drawings incorporating the comments of the clients and Architects shall be prepared. Two sets of detailed drawings are submitted for approval
Upon receipt of the approval/comments on the detailed drawings three sets of the final drawings and final cost estimates shall be submitted free.
Invitation of tenders on behalf of the clients where required, review and analysis of bids and assistance in letting contracts. Where tenders are invited by clients, copies of the tender documents may be furnished on the basis that the sale proceeds of documents will be remitted to the consultants.
Checking manufacturer’s and contractor's shop drawings before authorizing execution.
Inspection of equipment and materials wherever required, all outstation visits being reimbursed as stipulated under Section 2.0.
Broad supervision of the contractor's work through occasional visits to site, all outstation visits being reimbursed as stipulated under Section 2.0.
Wherever required, scrutiny and certification of contractor's bills, measurements being recorded by the clerk of works.
Scrutiny of final test results and certification of the plant and installation.
Design Development
Cooling load estimates on the basis of space planning and usage.
System and Equipment selection.
Establish Air Handling unit sizes and locations.
Preparation of piping & ducting layouts, integration with interior designs and lighting layouts.
Plant room layouts and piping.
Ventilation and exhaust system layouts.
Preparation of detailed specifications and bill of quantities.
Cooling load estimates on the basis of space planning and usage.
Establish size of transformer and DG sets.
Single line drawings for all panels and distribution boards.
Making lighting layouts for all engineering and back of house areas.
Lighting Design.
Substation and DG set layouts, location of panels & DBs , cable routing.
Preparation of specifications and detailed bill of quantities.
Assessment of water requirements, storage , water distribution, and water treatment process.
Establish hot water requirements, water heating systems, storage and distribution.
Establish sewerage and storm water drainage flows, sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting and disposal systems.
Layout of storage tanks, pump rooms, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, sumps and sump pumps.
Irrigation piping as per landscaping.
Preparation of Specifications and detailed Bill of quantities.
Design of fire alarm and public address systems.
Fire suppression systems, hydrant, sprinkler, Gas based systems for data centers etc. and hand appliances.
All fire alarm and fire suppression plant and piping layouts.
Preparation of specifications and detailed bill of quantities.
Voice and DATA requirements, EPABX capacities, cabling and passive racks.
Establish a Building Management System covering
      i) HVAC
      ii) Plumbing
      iii) Electrical
      iv) Elevators
      v) Escalators
      vi) Integration of Fire Alarm Systems
Develop a viable security and access control systems in co-ordination with the owner's security agents.
Tender Specifications and Award of Contracts
Prepare detailed tender specifications for each package of disciplines with bill of quantities.
Identify vendors for various disciplines in consultation with the owner.
Obtain bids, technical evaluation, financial evaluation where required by owners in assessment and award of contracts.
Project Management
Scrutinize and approve all shop drawings of vendors and submit to PMT (Project Management Team).
Approve all material and equipment data sheets.
Periodic site visits to assist PMT in resolving all technical issues.
Oversee commissioning of plant and validate all test results and help owners to take over the plants.
Validate As-built documents submitted by respective contractor.